Corporate profile

Fortunate Travel was founded in 2004 by Mrs. Anna Chow. The company was reorganized as V.O.F. in 2006, with Mrs. Anna Chow and Mr. Michael Chu as shareholders.

In the past few years, the company has developed into a touristic group with head office in Arnhem, two branch offices in Den Haag, Rotterdam and five agents in the major cities, including Eindhoven, Nijmegen, Amsterdam, Hengelo and Zoetermeer.

In 2007, the company was accredited as International Air Transportation Association (IATA) agent (IATA number 57211630), which enables us to act as ticket consolidator. The turnover of the company has doubled from 2007 to 2008 and increased again from 2008 to 2009.

Personnel wise, the management team is composed of experts from different fields. Mrs. Anna Chow, the director, has more than 10 years airline working experience. Mr. Michael Chu, the chief executive officer, has worked as consultant for various industries. Ms. Jing Chen, the manager, has worked under multi -cultural environment in the company for the past five years. With her eff orts, the company has established a dynamic network with major airlines in the Netherlands and various tour operators in the Netherlands and China.

Besides ticket sales, tour organization also grew increasingly important in the company profile. In May, 2010, the company was accredited as SGR (Stichting Garantiesfonds Reisgelden) agent (SGR number 3407). In August, 2010, the touristic part was further strengthened with the accreditation from ANVR (Algemene Nederlandse Vereniging van Reisondernemingen) (ANVR number 04538). Internationally, our Hong Kong office (Fortunate Travel Group) was also accredited as TIC (Travel Industry Council of Hong Kong) member (TIC number: 22475-O) in August, 2010, which facilitated us to further develop our international tour arrangements.

Our touristic activities include three major aspects: tours in Europe, tours to Asia and golf-related tours. Specifically, we have developed tours from Europe, via Beijing, Shanghai or Hong Kong to Southeast Asia, especially Japan.
Our advantages lie on the flexible and low-price contracts with major Chinese airlines, which offer our clients with the possibility to visit both China and Japan at a lower price.

The other focus of our tour arrangements lay on the golf-related activities. For this niche market, we have China Southern Airline as our market partners, which guarantee high quality flights and low prices. Besides, we are also listed as company member of Mission Hill Golf Resort, the largest and most complete golf center of the world. The contracts with various golf courts in China enable us to provide the customers with the most dynamic and entertaining tours in China.

For the future development, we will further expand on two perspectives. On the ticketing perspective, we will expand from the existing market, which is focused on Asian-oriented customer, who live in the Netherlands, to more dynamic groups. One group would be the expanding Chinese student market and the other group is the second-generation Chinese migrants, who possess sufficient skills to purchase their tickets online. We are already cooperating with the first Chinese language online booking engine in Europe to explore on this market. When the time is ready, we will develop our own search engine as well.

On the touristic perspective, we will further expand our tour arrangements into various fields, including golf, leisure and business tours. The related activities would also vary from basic hotel plus transportation package to all-in tour packages for different customers. With our knowledge of Asian culture, we are capable of arranging tailor-made cultural tours to Asia, such as Kong Fu groups and Chinese language studying groups. Our network with various Chinese enterprises also facilitate us with organizing internship and exchange arrangements between Chinese and European students.

In general, our target is to develop ourselves into a touristic group with international standard. We have met this target on ticketing operations with the accreditation from IATA three year ago. Our touristic operations have met the Dutch touristic standard with our accreditation from SGR in May. Our next target would be to achieve the international standard as a touristic group with our accreditation from ISO 9001 in three year’s time.